Alternative Provision

Three Key Benefits of Online Alternative Provision

We offer high quality, cost-effective, tailored alternative online provision for schools and local authorities. Many young people who are unable to cope with mainstream school, for various reasons, thrive with Noor 367. Below are three key reasons why our online alternative provision is beneficial for schools, local authorities and pupils.

Flexible Tailored Support

Noor 367 offers a range of services that can be commissioned quickly with no requirement to make long-term financial commitments. We provide services directly designed to support the needs of those young people referred to us. Our services include immediate solutions to support intervention programmes, fixed term exclusion, and alternatives to permanent exclusion.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide a range of different commissioning options from short trial through to annual pricing, to support you to budget more effectively and reduce costs. We consult with schools and local authorities to find the right commissioning option for them. For schools and local authorities, we offer exclusive half termly packages.

Quality of Provision

Noor 367 follows the British International Curriculum - the world’s most widely recognised system of learning and assessment that boasts over 160 years of expertise. We are therefore confident that our offer is highly regarded and accredited primary and secondary school programme that allows seamless integration with national curricula. This flexibility enables learners to tailor their subject choices according to their aspirations and is an opportunity to personalise their learning programme according to their strengths, interests and cultural preferences. Our online offer is unlimited by any academic calendar boundaries, permitting start-up all year round and at your own pace.