About us and our ethos

Noor 367 is an independent organisation set up by a group of experienced education professionals who are committed to delivering high quality alternative education provision as a real alternative to mainstream schools. We are committed to providing all of the young people we support with a fresh relationship with learning and to achieve academic success whilst recognising the pressures schools and local authorities face to deliver more with less.


Every student we work with is treated as an individual and we work closely with the family and school (where relevant) to provide the same opportunities to achieve their academic goals as their peers in mainstream school. We tailor our provision to the needs of the individual ensuring that however long they may be learning with us, their individual needs are understood and that they can enjoy their study in a safe, secure and supportive learning environment.


As your needs change from week to week, you require services that can respond quickly and efficiently to that change. We fully understand that the services you need must be scalable, able to flex up and down in response to demand and still ensure every learner is treated as an individual, whether they are placed with us for days, weeks or years.

Best Value

Delivering and evidencing best value is a key part of any commissioning process. With increasing demands on a pressurised budget, families, schools and local authorities face difficult decisions in the coming years to balance quality, progression, outcomes and the cost of alternative provision. We offer our customers different pricing models that ensure they are able to respond to short, medium and long term demand for provision and to increase or decrease the service provision as those needs change.


We employ a comprehensive and pro-active approach to safeguarding and child protection for the vulnerable young people we support. Our approach is open to being quality assured by local authority commissioning processes. Our technical infrastructure uses cloud services built to ISO:27001 standards, providing the highest data security and offering increased flexibility, scalability and resilience. This ensures service continuity for all of our customers.


We view our clients as partners in the delivery of our services. Our approach places the learner at the centre of that partnership, and we communicate directly with family, school and local authority professionals with honesty, integrity and transparency. We work pro-actively with all stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes for each individual learner.


Excellence starts with strong academic leadership supported by extensive teaching experience in mainstream, SEN, alternative provision and online settings. We are firm believers in the transformative power of education and the value of an integrated and holistic pedagogy. Quality of teaching and learning is therefore underpinned by our curriculum and pedagogy which focuses on Learned Knowledge, Learning Skills and Learning Dispositions.